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What Does Gevilion Fever Screening Thermal Camera Contributes?

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Author : gevilion
Update time : 2020-07-20 17:06:51

A product that solves problems is a good product,and that‘s what we‘re talking about with this thermal imaging camera,at this particular time,it has assisted us a great deal in doing so efficiently in terms of screening and control,and assumed corresponding social responsibility.

Let‘s take a look at what it‘s trying to do.


High safety,non-contact,dual-screen view

2 to 3 meters distance for measuring to avoid physical contact.Dual-screen live display of both visible view and thermal view for facilitation of better screening and records.

High efficiency,multi targets screening simultaneously

1 second to detect temperature in a person,and support 20-30pcs faces detecting temperauture at the same time,significantly improved the efficiency of temperature measurement and saves people‘s time for the entrance and exit passing process.


High Accuracy up to 0.3,with blackbody up to 0.1

The blackbody is a calibration device and a standard temperature source. The thermal camera with blackbody can becalibrated in real time,which can keep the temperature measurementaccuracy at a high level of ±0.1℃.


Fire alert functions besides temperature measurement

In addition to testing body temperature, the machine can also be used as a fire alert camera to detect and alarm excessive temperatures in environments where temperature monitoring is required, such as warehouses, forests, gas stations, etc.


As such a powerful product,mapesen hope it can be widedly used all over the world as soon as possible,to solve problems more efficiently,and to make the best use of it.


Even the machines are in action,what about us?


It‘s never too late to start making actions to contribute as much as we can now,we will be the best we can be.