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The Development of Aritificial Intelligence

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Update time : 2020-07-20 17:00:27
In the Summer of 1956,”Artificial Intelligence”are being proposed at Darmouth Conferences,AI officially stepped onto the stage of our history.Since then,AI technology were making continuously breakthroughs.
Although the development of AI is still in the weak stage,but its importance is beyond doubt.According to the report released by Forrester,an IT consulting institution,Among Fortune 500 enterprises,one quarter of them use AI investment in short-term or strategic IPA projects with “significant efficiency improvement”,About half of the AI platform providers,global system integrators and managed service providers will focus on IPA in their portfolio.By 2024,AI will be an integral part of every aspect of the business.

At present,not only major enterprises focus on AI,many countries also attach great importance to the innovation and development of artificial intelligence,such as,release relevant policies to guide the AI industry and put the education in an important position.

Gevilion,do also focus on AI technology through these years,devoting to create more new and valuable products in CCTV surveillance security field based on the AI technology development,such as the thermal products,thermal camera,face recognition access control,face recognition thermal solution,infrared thermal scanner,vehicle thermometer,contributing to the progress of whole human society safety.