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2MP Multi-function Two in One Wifi Doorbell Camera

1080P Multi-function Two in One Wifi Doorbell Camera
Built-in TF card slot, support the max 32G memory card
 Standard 7650 Ma polymer lithium ion battery powered supply;
 Device is ultra-low power consumption, battery standby for more than 180 days standby;
When the Guests press the doorbell call button, doorbell will automatically send a video call to the user app;
※ The user receives to the video call, and can directly have a 2 way talk with visitors through the mobile phone app;
※ Users can remote view control;
 In the effective monitoring perspective of human movement, PIR will detect induction, and then push the alarm message to the mobile phone app;
 Wifi HD Doorbell has a dual design: demolition screws + dis-assembly button. Once encountered illegal disassemble, the device will push alarm to the doorbell and the host cellphone;
※ Using 1/3 HD photosensitive chip; Image resolution: 1080P, 2 million pixels;
 ICR dual filter light switch, automatic turns the color to black at night, and built-in low-power infrared lamp;
 Professional customized WiFi antenna, and stronger reception WiFi signal stability, does not drop line;
 Built-in PIR human body induction Alarm. After alarm setting successfully and detection, the camera can immediately push the alarm information to the mobile phone app;
 Remote wake-up function and PIR alarm push function. After mobile phone app response timely, you can check it anytime, anywhere you like.
※ Built-in MIC, speakers, users can be monitored by mobile phone app, and can realize real-time remote video voice intercom;
※ High Performance DSP code chip, the host can cope with a variety of complex situations, rapid response;\
Good experience of the new mobile phone app. Good human-computerate interaction, and more in line with the end-user habits;
 Built-in TF card slot, support the max 32G memory card, and the longest video up to about 80 hours. It can set up automatic coverage, and you can view alarm videos in the mobile phone app;
※Product support dis-net vide. If there is a network interruption, PIR alarm can normally be triggered, and recording;
※ Household consumer security products, with industrial standard design, products can be long-termed, stably worked, so that users speaks worry-free;
※ Product installation is simple, completely free from the shackles of the line, you can choose the appropriate location to install (the device needs to be able to receive the WiFi signal);
※ Professional manufacturing factory, products through a number of domestic and international certification
Product Parameters:
Operating System Linux
Image Sensor 1/3 million pixel CMOS
Minimum Illuminance Color 0.6 lux@f1.2, black and white 0. $number lux@f1.2, 0 Lux ir Open
Day And Night Conversion Mode Ir-cut Double Filter Automatic Switch
Lens 2.8MM Million HD Lens
Video Compression Standard H. 264, support for dual-code flow
Video Mode HD/SD
Maximum Image Size Main code flow 1920x1080; Sub stream: 640x480;
Resolution 1080P: 2 million pixels
Frame Rate 25 Frames
Audio encoding G726, G711, AAC, MP3 format, 8K sampling rate, support echo cancellation function
Audio Input Built-in mic
Audio Output Built-in speakers
Standby Built-in MCU to support the true standby function, support infrared, key, GPIO alarm wake-up system; system standby Power 60uA
Wireless Frequency 2.4GHzIEEE 802.11b/g/n
Storage Support Micro SD card storage, maximum 32GB
Intelligent Alarm PIR Human Temperature Detection
Battery 7650 Ma polymer lithium battery, charge voltage: 5v2a
Infrared Light 4 infrared light, 850nm, effective distance of 10 meters
Standby Time 5 Months
Power 0.75W (work) 0.0025W (Standby)
Working Environment 10°c~60°c/20%~85% (non condensation)

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